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Individual Portrait Bust and Sculpture Commissions

Original Portrait Bust

Dr. Lanzalotti is available for commissions of individual portrait sculpture busts or full sized sculpture of private or celebrated and notable persons

Private individual




Three Quarter Life-size


Private individual




Three Quarter Life-size



This bust carved in white marble was commissioned in 2001 of a private man by his son. Dr. Lanzalotti is available to sculpt portraits busts or full length sculpture of friends, family members, beloved parents or children. In addition Dr. Lanzalotti is available to sculpt celebrated persons, Judges, CEO's, founders of business organizations, clinics and all other institutional leaders.  Each original design is developed with the input of the person or committee commissioning the original sculpture .

Michael Lanzalotti

Age 6





This bust was sculpted by Dr. Lanzalotti of his son, Michael.



Private portraiture of Tony Campolo, Ph.D carved from Colorado Yule marble by Dr. Lanzalotti 2008

Incised name is in gold leaf



Drs. Lanzalotti and Campolo unveiling the portrait sculpture



Peggy Campolo, Tony Campolo, John Lanzalotti and his mother, Teresa Lanzalotti

at the unveiling ceremony May 29, 2008