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Williamsburg Sculpture is a Williamsburg, Virginia based corporation. The sculptor is Dr. John Lanzalotti. Dr. Lanzalotti received his education and training at the University of Pennsylvania. 

The Artist and Sculptor

John Lanzalotti, M.D.

The Lanzalotti Collection of Portrait Busts includes an Houdon Reproduction Collection, a Founding Fathers Collection, a Colonial Williamsburg Collection, a Civil War Collection, a Classical Collection, and an Egyptian Collection. In addition, Williamsburg Sculpture produces a variety of commercial sculptures used in advertising, architectural applications, commemorative plaques, memorials, and reliquaries. Each piece of sculpture in the Collection is remarkable for its fine craftsmanship, animation, and attention to detail.

Dr. Lanzalotti is available for commissions of individual portraiture or commercial sculpture. Please call, fax, or E-mail for arrangements.

Open edition pieces are made in bonded marble, bonded bronze, and bonded Alabaster. Each bust is available in a large (three-quarter life sized) and small size.

Each bust is also available in a special, numbered, limited edition for the more discriminating buyer who would prefer an individual piece of original art work hand made in the finest materials and finished by the artist. In addition, each bust is also available in hot poured bronze.

Dr. Lanzalotti is also available for medical and surgical illustration and medical models in all major markets: advertising, editorial, institutional, instructional, legal, medical-legal, and home health.


Lewis and Clark in wax in preparation for bronze busts

Williamsburg Sculpture

138 John Tyler Highway

Williamsburg, Virginia 23185