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Williamsburg Sculpture

The Artist and Sculptor

John A. Lanzalotti, M.D.


John A. Lanzalotti, M.D.

Dr. Lanzalotti was born and raised in Shrewsbury, New Jersey. His undergraduate degree was in chemistry from Eastern University, he did pre-med at the University of Pennsylvania and he received his MD degree from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine after serving in the US Navy. After earning his MD he stayed at the University of Pennsylvania for postgraduate training in Surgery and then went to the University of Kentucky for additional training in plastic surgery. Dr. Lanzalotti then moved to Williamsburg and set up private practice in 1982. In addition, he has been an adjunct professor at the College of William and Mary starting in 1987 where he has taught Immunology, The History and Philosophy of the Medical Sciences, Medicine in Literature and Health Care Economics and Policy.  Dr. Lanzalotti also served in the US Navy as a combat Line Officer stationed aboard a destroyer.

 Sculpting is a more recent passion. Starting in 1996 Dr. Lanzalotti began sculpting in clay inspired in part by Houdonís portrait sculpture busts of our national founding fathers. He sought out various original sculptures of Houdon and studied them in detail observing the style and technique, which Dr. Lanzalotti emulates in his own work. In 1998 he started carving marble portrait busts of William and Mary for the City of Williamsburg.

Since then he has received many commissions for figurative portrait sculpture in both marble and bronze.

A man of many talents, Williamsburg artist, sculptor and surgeon John Lanzalotti is internationally recognized for his vivid portrayals of the great intellectual, military, and political figures of the Enlightenment, as well as portraits of children and works depicting other historical and modern subjects. Dr. Lanzalotti creates Enlightenment-style figurative portrait sculpture busts in both marble and bronze in the style of 18th century sculptor Jean-Antoine Houdon. Lanzalotti shows the same remarkable degree of physical accuracy and extraordinary psychological insight that Houdon incorporated into his sculpture. He emulates Houdon's ability to bring the sculpture to life, capturing the subject's personality. He receives many commissions for re-creating Houdonís busts as well as portrait sculpture busts of more modern persons done in Houdonís style. Other commissioned works include both Hellenistic Greek/Classical and Egyptian Style.

 Dr. Lanzalotti also paints in oils often with themes from the history of science and medicine, portraiture, and is a medical illustrator and medical model maker. He also works as a medical -legal consultant in all areas of medical and surgical practice and prepares courtroom exhibits both as an illustrator and model maker. He has also made many architectural sculptures as well such as pedestals, wall brackets, and decorative architectural ornaments.

Dr. Lanzalotti is also nationally recognized as a leading authority in health care reform policy. He became interested in health-care economics early in his medical career in private practice in Williamsburg.  Dr. Lanzalotti developed his ďAmerican Health Care PlanĒ a comprehensive market-based strategy to fundamentally reform health care in this country. This plan outlines how we can pay for care in the least expensive and most efficient way. This non-partisan plan is designed to re-organize the health insurance market by changing the basic financial incentives in the system that drive up spending. The plan describes how to significantly increase the number of Americans with health insurance at a lower price that Americans would be willing and able to pay. This plan will give every American equal access to affordable, portable, reformed health insurance which will enable affordable and equal access to healthcare.

If you wish to see more of this plan visit this site click below:



Dr. Lanzalotti carving King William in marble


Dr. Lanzalotti carving John Marshall bust in  marble


Dr. Lanzalotti carving wax model of Meriwether Lewis in the wax studio



Dr. Lanzalotti carving the wax model of Admiral Tolley in the wax studio


Dr. Lanzalotti and his son Michael sculpting 1996



Dr. Lanzalotti and his son Michael  2001



Michael Lanzalotti 2001



Dr. Lanzalotti and his son  Michael 2001


Michael in  March 2006


Michael 10-30-04